how to demonstrate your knowledge in this class:  Although "exams" and "quizzes" still lurk, you may also do oral, powerpoint, art or other graphics, etc. as your "assignments"  instead of more traditional (and still accepted) written responses such as journals, essays, discussion web postings.  Yes, we will "read" written texts but we will also "read" art exhibits, videos, YouTube, trailers and actual gameplay as texts too.  Communication in the 21st c. is multifaceted--so should be your learning. 

ASSIGNMENTS & Rubrics  :  These links provide how-to and rubrics (criteria for grading). 

      1.   Alternate week Responses to lectures and readings  + student samples (Dr. Jesse is published! 35/30 !)       (Choi, 2015, ppt)  

      3.   Samples:  sample student synthesis A+  ppt                    sample final      2015 final location & time:  8-10 am in 30-101 (computer lab)  on Dec. 15. 

      4.   Weekly Group Presentations (300pt):        Post mortem

Bibliography       fall 2013  Analysis #1   Exam #2sample good answers   more  study guides   +  sample good answers 

           2015   MIDTERM   exam #1

 Duke NukemGee, Ratchet & Duke nukem = same expression...why?

Lit terms    B.F.G. + rpg = not enough...Literary Terms  are assignment basics. See mock lit exam at below!

All disciplines (professors' word for subjects) -- Geology, Psychology, Microbiology,  Literature, even Math -- have their own languages and vocabularies and learning these form the basis for your comprehension in those classes (if you actually practice this, all your grades will go up).  In our Popular Literature class, I will expect you to comprehend at least 10 specific words (many new to you) each week.  For the first 3 weeks I will provide these words; after that, your groups and your response papers will use new lit terms correctly.  Exams (3) will focus on using these new words in correct analysis, and every other assignment you do --from Group Projects to weekly responses to discussion web entries--must actually use as many of  these words as possible (that is how your brain stores new info). 



REQUIRED VOCABULARY will be posted weekly by theme. You are required to know & use these terms as well as add to them throughout the quarter.          

                     easy terms: hero, character, plot, protagonist, setting, etc.                          difficult, complex terms:  diegesis, aesthetics, semiotics, postmodernism, classicism, etc.  More pts. when you use these.  

Research Links:     this one is linked on our website \videogame   this one includes some Japanese and other multicultural references.... :)   those focusing on film use similar language but the Duke link herein is broken   very technical but useful and ILLUSTRATED! :)

EXAMS  you can expect these kinds of assessments: short essay,  matching  literary terms w/games & definitions (from Angiís & studentsí postings) as well as terms mentioned in class.  Hereís a sampling of LIT TERMS section of exam:

Match word to closest definition----[1 pt. each]   Be careful!  Angi is tricky and some may stay blank and some terms may take 2 or even 3 letters!

 1. _____postmodern                     A. most of E.A.Poe's stories use this literary technique, sort of like an evil twin; so does Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR)

   2._____doppelganger                 B.  world view, often created by or reinforced in popular media (e.g   ." The Force" from Star Wars).

   3. ____ gestalt                             C.   a term referring to the angst of being human vis a vis  machines: FinalFantasyX, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica; I, Robot

   4._____ cyborg                             D.  a reluctant, perhaps immoral lead character: Fable, Bard's Tale, Conker, Cowboy Bebop

   5._____antihero                            E.  coming-of-age or rite-of-passage story: e.g. Something Wicked..., most FinalFantasy (FF),  Kingdom Hearts

   6.____ satire                                 F.  a term referring to giving animals human characteristics 

   7.____magic realism                     G.  breakdown of classical forms or traditions, often noir, self-referential, existential & anti-heroic: Cowboy BeBop, Watchmen, GTA series

  8. ____bildungsroman                    H.  making fun of a classic meme via exaggeration but with a serious argument: Duke Nukem, Conker's Bad Fur Day (especially Mighty Poo).





Duke Nukem Forever ( 2011).  Image. Web.   Gearbox Software.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (2004). Image.  Web.   Insomniac: Sony.





  lit term dictionaries: