GROUP PRESENTATIONS:    Criteria for grading   365 pts. ! (OVER 1/3 of your grade in 265)


This presentation should have a broad focus; your purpose is to synthesize videogames with some aspect of society and the human condition, which is what all literature examines.  This focus will require lots of vgame examples,  discussion of  various aspects of both games & literature, and must include associated relevant literary terms.  This is NOT a "speech" and cosplay is encouraged!   You must:

·        function successfully as a cooperative group of 3-4 people.  Be inclusive & train the nongamer.  Sexist, racist, childish or bullying behaviors are inappropriate in a college-work environment & will be made public and punished. 
Each member must produce,  so  DIVIDE UP THE REQUIREMENTS!

·        use technology to provide a rich variety of visuals that thoroughly describe, define & give examples of both your topic & the games.  The Internet is rich with ads and screenshots, and you have seen many presentations which stream games in action.  You may even  videotape yourself playing and/or use multimedia.  No limitations other than your creativity and skills.



If you delay your presentation (“not ready, cat died”), an automatic 50 pts. will be deducted from the grade.

READING REQUIREMENTS:     college-level & of reasonable length (not super short or super long) spanning a variety of sources, including literary--related to your theme.  Aim for 25 pg. of reading text + any video.

*****Since ezines & blogs are increasingly analytic and useful, you may include Googled reading material, BUT using databases is far more efficient (and academic).  Thus, you are REQUIRED to include at least 1 academic  databases (such as Proquest & Academic Search Complete, etc.)  in your group project reading packet.   Proquest,Academic Search Complete are examples of the more than 100 databases purchased by our library at HCC, and you can access them for free from home --but you must start at the HC library website to get there:  library link 


Try the following  search terms in databases & Google: Literary AND  popular  AND video  AND games   You can use other terms, of course.  You do not have to use the whole  article—you can cut-and paste bits (include Bibliography).  Our goal is for you to do research, choose articles for us all to read, and see how academia looks at literature—the mindset of literary scholars who use the those terms in your textbook.   Remember, you did not have to buy a textbook for this class; you will be FINDING the materials yourself! 


Another good source is—duh!—books!   Our library has lots of books on video games in Dewey 798. region;  just be sure to separate it into two words (video AND game) and the online catalog will search for that subject heading. 


Finally, explore the Video Game website built for this class; there is a Bibliography there and many examples of previous group class projects.  350 pts. ride on this project!


RUBRIC (grading criteria): GROUP PRESENTATIONS: Oral & Visual

                                  1.0 – 1.9 below standard      (200--270 pts)                       Average 2.0-2.9gpa       270-299 pts                                    Excellent 3.0-4.0     300pts.+


off topic, ignores Literature aspect, assumes expert audience; show-and-tell only

follows criteria of assignment; addresses general audience at college-level

defines, informs, describes & entertains, relates to Lit.  Multimedia. Provocative & complex.


few literary terms or terms used incorrectly.  Readings incomplete or below college level.  nO NEW LIT TERMS

uses at least  20 literary terms correctly but may be simplistic or irrelevant to evidence

uses  25  or more literary terms correctly in a complex, relevant & ideological discussion


visuals incomplete OR totally dominate the presentation so presenters are irrelevant

sufficient visuals but some overkill, irrelevancy or disorganization; timing off .

  Readings lack variety but are college level.

apt, focused, thorough visuals from a wide variety of games; tour de force J; careful timing. 

  Readings extensive, including fiction, critique, databases..



time misused: under 30 min. & overlong.  Missing readings, INCOMPLETE

 questns,  quiz not college-level; sloppy; disorganized

all required parts included; technical difficulties may show weak rehearsal; typos;

quiz does not require higher order thinking

highly professional in all parts, incl oral,  no typos.

indicates rehearsal;  quiz thoughtful & complex.


superficial, no depth of thought, simplistic. 

attempts critical analysis & synthesis

 of ideas, terms, literature but may not succeed

synthesizes & contextualizes games; sees postmodern relationships; questions provocative. 

Readings thoroughly incorporated into slides, discussion & quiz.

Previous  Eng 265 themes  (ok, but I would rather you dared to take new directions) -- check some of these out in our Archives


Potential Complex Group Presentations (higher grade) :