BIBLIOGRAPHY  for Videogames as Popular Literature  Final Fantasy VI

Once you choose your group topic, go ahead and google or Proquest sources on your topic, but if you get stumped, try this list.  Because so many sources are online for and to those interested in the field, trade and profession of videogames, it is difficult to create an easily accessible list.  Here you will find all the kinds of sources you must use in your reading lists: related fiction (like Stephen King) plus a range of non-fiction from academic journals to websites to our Monsters textbook.  I also have an office full of books you can borrow.  Satiric editorial cartoons (like this one) are also useful reading since they imply argument. Google: cartoons on videogames on the IMAGES link. 

Sample student-created ppts (2005-2013):

Sample student-selected themes & reading lists (2014):

Academic Websites & Journals online:

Online trade- journal-type websites:   (ezine and blog)  egm reincarnation

Video Games:  Art or Product?

 Game designers aim for Nobel Peace Prize .  C/Net.  March 24, 2006

Games that stick it to 'The Man' .  C/Net. February 3, 2006

**** WARNING ABOUT Thompson, Jack,  a disbarred lawyer who has made a name for himself complaining about violent videogames.  Unfortunately, he is everywhere online--and totally unreasonable and useless for this class.    Ignore him & his claims and warn others.

In HCC Library collection:  library link  (the Kotaku site is awesome)

Game trailers/videos:; gamespot; YouTube; game publisher homesites (Square Enix, Bethesda, etc.) -- google these for both visuals and text (reviews, analysis, blogs)   are minorities underrepresented in our Eng 266 classroom?  what about GTA?   manga analysis    manga analysis;sd;1  Conker's Bad Fur Day as evidence
An Evaluation of Bioshock's Criticism of Ayn Rand's ... - Gamasutra  discussion of objectivism  Japanese culture article   outside-of-U.S. viewpoints on both popular and academic issues                         2014  exam #1 due 10/12 

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