POST-MORTEM GROUP WORK SELF-EVALUATION                  [15 pts]      

 [Note: this is INDIVIDUAL,  confidential & will be seen only by me and then shredded; however, the resulting data of % will be averaged & either LOWER or RAISE each student's grade, dependent on contributions. 



                                researcher                      computer genius                    Weaponmaster

Follower                                                                                            Mom

Mediator/Sheepdog/Peacemaker                       Mage               Wallflower                           

               Chaos Junkie          Leader       Creative Genius                                             graphic designer

Keyboarder (the one who typed)

Speech giver      EDitor/Proofreader                  munchie provider     organizer


In this project you had to solve a common workplace problem: to make one coherent whole of many different parts.  Thinking back over the classroom group you have just participated in, respond to the following:


  • ·       to think actively about videogames as a subject worthy of academic study within the larger context of literature as human expression.

  1. ·        to take responsibility

  1. ·        to learn independently.

  1. ·        to work and learn cooperatively.

  1. ·        to effectively & professionally communicate your own experience and thinking.

  1. ·        to appreciate diversity.

  1. ·        to apply specific critical and literary terms and skills.

  1. t       *        to use technology (ppt, Internet, databases, etc.).
  1. ·        to problem-solve.

  1. t       *       to consider and respond thoughtfully to traditional and contemporary ideas about human nature and its challenges.
  1. t       *        to  participate in a variety of ways of examining human experience.
  1. ·        to consider issues from multiple perspectives.

  1. t       *       to analyze, interpret, and evaluate argumentative, symbolic, and/or narrative writing, art, or other media.


What do you feel best about in this project ?




 What are you insecure about in this project ?



What did you learn about Literature and/or Videogames from your group's interaction?