Questions: Social Commentary Quiz  (15 pts.)

1.       The Fallout Universe is perpetually stuck in the 1950’s; why is that? Why do you think the relevance of that particular era is so important to the theme behind fallout? Choose another videogame or popular media source that mirrors a time period and compare it to fallout. Use examples from the reading and vocabulary to help support your answer.


2.       How is religion in Halo similar to different cultural backgrounds? There are many references to religion shown on halo nation from reading the page and seeing how the setting of halo looks to be taken from bible passages does this make you believe that in makes a game more religious than it actually seems? What brings you to that conclusion?



3.       In the Legend of Zelda the story of the game can be interpreted to persuade a change in current world social commentary due to improper morals and stereotypes. Does LOZ (legend of Zelda) do a good job at showing what stereotypes they think should be broken? Do you agree with the stereotypes they have broken?

EMOTION:  Quiz  (15 pts)

  1. Compare and Contrast video games, movies, and books, focusing on what causes players to be more emotionally connected to characters.  Your answer should include only 1 example of each kind of media AND must argue for which one brings more connection  [6].
  2. What causes morality to be such a strong point to a game? Will this theme also continue to be as strong in the coming years or will it decrease in popularity--explain why in your answer? [4]
  3. Is the point of playing a game to have fun? Does a game have to be fun to be successful? [3]
  4. which would you be?(check image) [2]/  Explain why.